Annual Costs

Property Tax

On every 1 st of January the district treasurer will appraise the fair market value of your home for that year. In October you will receive a tax assessment notice for property taxes. You will save some money if you pay those taxes as quickly as possible. The notice will explain how high the due amount is and should you pay this to late then fees will be added to that amount. The notice also explains what the taxes are used for in your district, such as street repairs and public parks. Your Property Tax account is public and viewable at .



If you're financing your home you must have insurance. Should you obtain your Real Estate without financing then the decision to insure or not insure is up to you. But it's always advisable to have insurance. You should really educate yourself as to which kind of insurance matches your needs. We recommend a home owner and flood insurance. The home owners insurance usually includes storm, fire and water damage from pipes inside your home and a small amount of general liability insurance. Should you plan on renting your home this liability insurance needs to be increased. Please remember that all insurances ask for a certain co-payment.

We'd be happy to discuss these issues further with you.