Monthly costs

Regardless of whether you use your home full or part time, there will be monthly costs. Utilities such as water and power must be on at all times, the later especially since you can not turn of the A/C in Florida . You also need a gardener that makes sure your yard is kept up and a pool service that makes sure the water level and chemicals are correct. You might think you can turn off phone & cable services during your absence but having them shut off and then reconnected while you're here tends to be more expensive then just leaving them on.

Depending on the size of your home, your monthly costs are roughly as follows:

$ 210,00
$ 36,00
Cable TV
$ 110,00
City Water & Sewage
$ 60,00
Pool Care
$ 75,00
Lawn Care
$ 90,00
Yard Care
$ 45,00
Pest Control
$ 15,00

This example is for a home about 2000 sf. under air.

You should also consider small repairs and normal wear and tear upkeep. This usually tends to be around $150.00 per month.