The History


Wasserwege werden ausgehoben

Cape Coral Pkwy. Flughafen 
Rose Garden 1962




An adventurous story

It all began with a big piece of land, including forests and wetlands. Undeveloped land, about 103-square-miles known as Redfish Point, was bought by Leonard and Jack Rosen in 1957.  The seller was the State of Florida , under the condition that the Rosens would develop and populate the area.

The Rosen brothers had a vision.

103 square miles went into the planning of streets, building lots, parks and commercial areas. But the vision was to preserve nature as much as possible, and with that a water wonderland was born with plenty of room for native animals and plants. Humans had to adapt to these surroundings and found room on about 400 miles on waterways and lakes where manatees, dolphins and many different schools of fish were also present. At waters edge pelicans, herons and snowy ibis, to name just a few, ruffled their feathers in the warm sun of southwest Florida . A paradise had been created where man embraced nature.

From their boat docks people could watch manatees in the sun or watch sea turtles swim out to shore.

Machines excavated the big water ways, streets were built and Cape Coral Parkway was made into the landing strip for the local airport. When planes were landing or leaving it was simply closed down momentarily to other motorists.

A one of a kind sales pitch reeled in potential buyers and they were flown in primarily from the northern states. Accommodations were offered in the newly built hotel at the Golf and Country Club, with its beautiful 18 hole course. Entertaining the clients also was not a problem. This happened in the Rose Garden where a park had recently been constructed. There a thousand different species of roses could be found as well as hiking trails, water games, a dolphin basin and a marina. A zoo presented many different animals from all over the world  to the Rose Garden's visitors. A theater called Epidaurus , in the style of the great Greek theaters, offered entertainment from big stars including Bob Hope.

Once the client decided on a lot or two they flew back home. That's where oftentimes the planning for their dream home in paradise began.


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