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Leonhart & Jack Rosen




Cape Coral Brücke 
Cape Harbour, Tarpon Point Marina 
& Rose Garden 1995

Louis Campamelli (AVATAR), TV Moderatorin 
Ute Engels, Hartmut O.E. Meins (BMI)
1997 Eröffnung Modell-Häuser Cape Harbour


Cape Coral was officially declared a city in 1970. Despite the many activities of the Rosen Brothers they were forced to sell their dream and their vision to GAC in the same year. These professional developers led the project further until 1975. However, GAC's plan to continue the development of the city proved to be more than they could handle and eventually they had to file for bankruptcy. The bankruptcy estate was handled and managed by a bank until 1982, when the company AVATAR took over the project.

Sometime in the mid 80's I crossed Hancock Bridge for the first time on my way up north, and there I stopped in the middle of nowhere on US 41 at a Wendy's restaurant.

10 years later Louis Campanelli, in charge of the international market at AVATAR then asked me and BMI to be responsible for the international sale of homes and building lots in the city of Cape Coral . A deep friendship between Lou, AVATAR and Cape Coral developed over time. European TV stations reported about our work at the Waterfront Wonderland, 7-day workshops were held in Cape Coral following the example of the ideas of the Rosen Brothers. In the following years we were able to open the market to Europe and help many families realize their dream of owning a house in paradise.

The city of Cape Coral soon became the fastest growing city in America , next to Las Vegas . Business centers around Cape Coral Parkway and Del Prado Blvd. started to emerge. The Cape Coral bridge was built and made Cape Coral an even more interesting destination for travelers since now the beaches of Fort Myers Beach , Sanibel and Captiva could be reached easily. The cities of Naples and Miami became closer as did getaways such as Key West and the Everglades .

Schools that are now some of the best in the region, as well as hospitals came into existence. Streets have been embellished and many parks have been created for families. Within 40 years Cape Coral has grown to a stately community of over 175.000 people.  The international residents have integrated themselves into the American neighborhoods without problem and many friendships between foreign nationalities have been formed.



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